The Nawaz Affect

It was not too long ago when I moved to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia to earn a living. And no matter how weary the city is I have attained the habit of finding things that would make me pass the leisure time I have in hand. One such thing is shopping. Believe me if you are in Riyadh and that too all alone, shopping is one of the best ways to pass time.

Hence, after working hours on 26th December 2011, I went to buy some track pants and Bermudas with my pal (Hoosen Khan) to a shop on the famous street in Riyad named Olaya. As we reached the shop and started looking for the things we need, we met a guy by the name Fareed. Few minutes down the conversation and we got acquainted as he too is from Pakistan.

As the shopping related conversation was going on with him, suddenly and sarcastically he asked, “You must be an Imran Khan (IK) supporter”. I looked at him with surprise and said “No” as I could predict a useless emotional argument coming my way as I have encountered in the past that I really don’t want to get into.

But even then the feeling didn’t stop me from asking what made him say that. He was quick to respond, “All the youth is supporting him so I thought you must be too”. I smiled and asked, “Who are you supporting?”. He replied with a rather emotional and loud voice, Mian G (As most people refer to Nawaz Sharif (PML-N)). Having heard that I asked, why? And he started talking about what has happened during his Government tenure in past that includes Industrial/Motorway Projects and Policies to Nuclear Bomb tests to others. I listened to him calmly and couldn’t help myself in mentioning few laws and policies that he formed/changed for his personal benefit to expand his business empire by misusing his authority at first as Chief Minister Punjab and later as Prime Minister of Pakistan.

All the conversation made him emotional and I preferred to stop this and move on with the purchase as that could really lead to an endless conversation. Later on he helped us getting what we needed and as we head out after paying the bill I mentioned to Hoosen that honestly speaking I do support Imran Khan (IK). That somehow was heard by Fazil and now God knows what he must be thinking :).

My stance on IK (PTI) is to give him a chance. We all (Pakistanis) want to see Pakistan to progress. Our motherland has all what it takes to be a great country. We as a nation have all that is required to be a great nation. All we require is a great leader. I don’t believe that IK is our last hope or something but a chance is well deserved here after giving Pakistan two successful projects in the form of SKMH and Namal University and also after leading our cricket team for many years to a successful World cup victory. We have already seen Mian G and Bhutto family into power and instead of minimizing the Corruption how they elevated it. So why not give IK a chance and see if he lives up to the promises he made.

What say people? 🙂

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