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Before Anything, let me clarify that this is not a paid blog post nor this is written because i am a nonsensical fan of any of the actors in the upcoming movie. However, this is written for the sheer love of cinema, efforts being made by Shaan/Pakistan Film Industry, and above all due to being a hard-core fan of the film that came out with the same name in India.

Arth 1982 Movie Poster

Arth that came out in 1982 stole everyone’s heart due to its gripping story by Mahesh Bhatt about his extramarital relationship with Parveen Babi. USP of the film was its amazing music by the husband-wife duo Jagjit & Chitra Singh along with its soul rendering lyrics by Kaifi Azmi, Iftkhar Imam and Rajinder Nath. Quality of the film’s screenplay, story line and overall production can better be judged by the fact that Arth is the part of most of the listings done by Imdb for the Indian Cinema. This includes and not limited to Indian (Hindi) Films You Can’t Miss….Cult Classics, Best 80’s Movies One Cannot Miss and Ever Green Hindi Movies of 80’s.

News of Shaan wanting to remake Arth started coming since 2014 or earlier perhaps. And then in December 2015, First Official Press Conference for Arth’s remake took place. In the press conference, Shan clarified that the Rights of the movie is officially taken from Mahesh Bhatt. And when he tried to offer him money he only said these wonderful words, “If you’ve felt the pain I felt, go ahead with it. Just give me credit and make it a symbol of Indo-Pak friendship.”. Kool isn’t it? But here i do want the stress the fact that Arth, which is a word for “Meaning” in Hindi, can only be made if you do understand the Pain behind the story.

For the readers who haven’t seen the film as yet. Let me quickly try to tell you the complete story so that you can relate. Arth is about Pooja (Shabana Azmi), who grew up as an orphan girl and always dreamt of owning a house, becomes insecure when she finds out that she and her husband, Inder (Kulbhushan Kharbanda), have to leave the apartment they rent. Few days later he takes her to the new house that he purchased from his earnings from film industry. It was also revealed that he is in love with another woman, Kavita (Smita Patil). While previously giving advice to her maid (Rohini Hattangadi) cheated by her husband, now Pooja becomes herself involved in a similar situation.

Arth Remake Poster Humaima Malik Mohib Mirza

When Inder deserts Pooja for Kavita, she chooses to leave the apartment for a women’s hostel. She is helped by Raj (Raj Kiran) to surpass the difficulties of life as a single person, to find a job and to rely morally on herself. Raj and Pooja become good friends. Gradually, Kavita’s mental instability deepens her fears of insecurity, even after Inder requests Pooja to sign the divorce papers. Raj falls in love with Pooja and proposes to her. She refuses saying she is empty and cannot give him anything. Raj tries to persuade her saying that she cannot spend the rest of her life feeling miserable about the past and that she should try to find a new life for herself. Pooja promises to think about it.

Pooja’s maid, whose only aim in life is to secure a good education for her daughter, kills his husband when found with his lover. She goes to the police station and confesses her crime. Worried about her daughter, she calls Pooja who promises to take care of the daughter. After the insistence of Kavita’s mother (Dina Pathak) and her personal doctor (Om Shivpuri), Pooja personally assures Kavita that she is not interested in Inder anymore. However, Pooja’s attitude only convinces Kavita that breaking Pooja’s marriage was a mistake. To escape from her feeling of guilt and insecurity, she breaks-up with Inder. The latter tries to revive his relation with Pooja, but is rejected. Pooja continues to live with her maid’s daughter and refuses to marry Raj saying that she has found a new meaning to life, hence the word Arth, in being independent and being a mother to the child.

Now, nothing has been revealed about the story line of the remake. May be it is a lot like the cult classic or totally different. However, we can surely try to make some guesstimates here. Arth star cast comprises of Uzma Hassan, Mohib Mirza, Humaima Malick and Shaan in lead roles. Movies logo is beautifully done and takes the shape of the classical guitar that indicates it to be a musical. One look at the movie posters and we can predict Shaan to be playing the role of the singer that is same as Raj Kiran. Mohib Mirza and Humaima Malick seems to be playing the role of the Director and Actress i.e. Same as Smita Patil and Kulbhusan role in the classic. Shan Shahid is shown walking disappointed with the soul-rendering voice of Rahat Fateh in the background. In another teaser, Uzma Hassan is shown crying that can be interpreted as tears of having an unfaithful partner. She seems to be playing the role as played by Shabana Azmi.

Shaan Shahid is not only acting in the film but also have written screenplay along with helming the director’s responsibility. Music, directed by Sahir Ali Bagga, seems to be good but surely has to be melodious/top class as everyone still remembers the music from the original film. Teasers that came out give a great First impression. They not only make us to want more but also keep us guessing what would it be. I am certainly looking forward to it. And I am certain all of my readers too.

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