A friend and a mentor. Sabeen Mahmud

I may not be able to recall the exact year when I went to BITS (Beyond Information Technology Solutions) at Khyaban-e-Ittehad with my brother (Ziad Asim). But that was the time when I had the pleasure of meeting Sabeen Mahmud and Zaheer Alam Kidvai very briefly for the first time. ZAK, as most people call him, asked me what I wanted to do and probably like any other teenager I uttered “Something of my own” 🙂  though I was probably not sure what I wanted to do.

Over the years though I was only able to meet Sabeen briefly during my sister’s wedding and also at APMC (All Pakistan’s Music Conference), I only get to know her through my brother who was a close friend of hers.

Today as the news of her demise spread, I could sense that my brother and all her colleagues at BITS must be in utter shock. Because, along with being an impeccable human being and someone who wanted to bring change to the world for the better, she was also a FRIEND, SISTER, MENTOR and much much more.

Hence, this goes out to all those people who lost a big part of life today with Sabeen gone and especially to my brother Ziad Asim who did not only lose a close friend today but also a sister.



As for Sabeen, I truly hope that WE do not let you down and can continue what you started that did scare the duds who got you killed.  You indeed is and will always remain an inspiration to us all.

Source: Featured Image is taken from Dawn.com

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