What’s the difference?

While surfing around Facebook, I came across a page that belongs to a Model. So out of curiosity, I began exploring the model’s picture, wall updates and other usual stuff. She has done ample photo shoots and there were some personal pictures as well where she can be seen flaunting her body in a two piece bikini openly in public. And that is not what made me write this post. But the thing that caught my attention was this one post by the Model herself that has forced me to ask:

What is the difference?

She wrote (& I quote):

“I am not dieing for money. Don’t offer me lingerie shoots. I have a family to represent. Fuck off…”

Boy O Boy. I am not sure what to say here. I respect her freedom of speech but seriously what is the difference between the two? I don’t have any right to comment on what someone wears but I really would love to know the difference.

Some will say it is the clothing material. Some will get into a debate that Bikini is a style of underpants that can either be panties or swim bottoms whereas Lingerie is a term that encompasses a variety of different undergarments and sleepwear.

Be it Bikini or Lingerie, if worn alone, they don’t represent Modesty. One way or the other both display the same amount of skin and in various situations Bikini displays more than Lingerie. Why the double standards? It seems as if the Model is not representing her family when she is on a Beach or when she is uttering the F word.

I cannot agree more to the fact that we all have molded religion and everything to our ease. And that includes me as well.

The image below surely represents what I am talking about (Source: 9gag.com)

What is the difference?

Note: Girls no offense. I had to write this as this doesn’t really make sense to me…

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